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What is a Parmo

A Parmo????????

What is a parmo?

You won’t hear many Teessiders ask this question as, having grown up with parmos, the flattened meat dish is more ingrained on their psyche. But for the uninitiated, the parmo offers a new(ish) experience.
Like chicken? Like cheese? Then you’ll be a suitable victim for the deep-fried deliciousness of the parmo. Traditionally, the parmo consists of a flattened chicken breast, pork or veal which is dipped in egg and breadcrumbs and deep-fried. It’s then covered in white sauce and finally topped in cheese, which is then melted under the grill.



A 10 inch Pizza with a salsa base, loads of donner meat, 

red onions and cheese and finished with 

garlic mayo and chilli sauce.

This latest creation is flying out!